All the yarn used in our production has been ethically sourced from high quality spinners with animal welfare policies in place.

The fleece used in manufacturing the yarns can be traced back to Australia and South America from non-mulesed sources (very nasty practice of removing the skin round the sheep's bottom to prevent fly strike, which tends to be associated with the yarn used in high volume, low cost garments)

The spinners are members of Wool Mark who have signed up to the RSPCA best practice in Support of the International Wool Textile Organisation Working Document of Animal Welfare and 5 Freedoms

  •  Freedom from Hunger & Thirst
  •  Freedom from discomfort
  •  Freedom from pain.
  •  Freedom from injury
  •  Freedom from disease

We have worked with the same factory in sock Portugal for over 10 years and visited them on many occasions, the all the staff are treated fairly and health and safety policies are in place.  We do stress out Mr, Pinto with too many colour combinations but he loves us really.

Our UK production takes place at our studio in Hackney and a traditional mill in Scotland, we are a very happy team and you are most welcome to visit us at studio where we knit, wash, dry, iron, sew and finish every product by hand.

If you have any questions please get in touch through our contact page.


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