Top 10 gifts for Mother's Day

As a mum myself,  I wasn't surprised to learn that in a year the average mother of  two does 125 loads of washing,  spends 69 minutes per day cleaning, which totals eight hours a week or just over 420 hours a year, on top of spending 13 hours a week cooking. In addition to this 9 hours a week are spent driving  to after school clubs and play dates and 56 days per year caring for sick children....I could go on.  Whoever this average mother is, I think she deserves a treat now and then and we all know it comes down to much more than numbers. Happy Mother's Day Barbara Tough!

ps it's the 15th of March

Top 10 Mother's Day Gifts

1)  Fragrant lavender heart presented in a gift box £20


2) Soft and cosy hot water bottle cover £42


3) Characterful lavender door owl in a charming Liberty print £58


4) Super soft bamboo socks £14


5) Stylish double bow brooch £24

6) Toasty lambswool wristwarmers £26


7) For the foxy mommas, foxy socks £22


8) Eco friendly and stylish bamboo scarf £58


9) Soft, light weight lace stitch blanket £180

10) Cosy lambswool slippers £45

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