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Unlike cotton or synthetics, wool socks can be worn a few times and remain fresh and fragrant. To keep your socks looking their best turn them inside out before washing and pop them on a 30-degree wool cycle or wash by hand. 

Always use a gentle wool wash and fabric conditioner in the final rinse for extra softness, your socks can be given a proper spin and are best left to dry flat. To get your socks good as new, gently press with a steam iron (do not hot, dry iron any woollens as this could singe and discolour them).

If you accidentally wash them at a higher temperature or tumble dry them from very wet, this will mat together the woollen fibres causing the socks to shrink. If you do put them on a hot wash all is not lost, when they are semi-dry give them a good steam with an iron, and you can stretch them out.



To keep your cotton looking their best, turn them inside out before washing at 30 to 40 degrees on a standard cycle. Ideally dry naturally as tumble drying can shrink them slightly, but they will stretch back to size once you put them on.



All of these products are made from 100% lambswool which gives a lovely, soft, durable fabric, but they do need washing carefully to avoid shrinking them. If you are a 'shrinker', they can be dry cleaned! Heat, agitation, and detergent are the enemies of wool, so aim to soak and rinse the dirt out. The great news is wool is extremely easy to clean with just water.

Whether you are washing your garment by hand or machine, it is always a good idea to thoroughly soak them in cold water before washing this will prevent shrinking or felting.

If washing in the machine, choose a gentle wool cycle and if possible, adjust the temperature to 20 degrees. Use a wool wash but only half the amount recommended by the manufacturer. A little bit of soap can shift a lot of dirt which sits on the surface of wool (or make your own from a diluted solution of non-bio liquid with a few drops of essential oils, lavender is perfect or even use baby shampoo). Add a half cap of fabric conditioner to the final rinse. Once the wool cycle is complete, you can give your woollens and extra spin to remove any excess water — dry flat on a towel. Once dry give the item a gentle press with a steam iron to reshape, leaving it to cool and 'set' before moving off the ironing board.



As these products contain natural wheat, they can't be soaked, or sprouting will occur!

To keep your heart or animal friends in tip-top condition, please gently vacuum them or sponge clean. The lavender mix should remain fragrant for a couple of years, give them a good squeeze to refresh the natural oils. 



Always thoroughly wash or dry clean your woollens before putting them away for summer. A sweaty or food-stained jumper, forgotten at the back of a dark cupboard, is the perfect home for female moths to lay their eggs and nourish the larvae that munch their way through your favourite pieces.

Ideally, store your woollens in a sealed plastic bag, don't use tissue as moths love to eat this too!



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