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March sees the launch of our exciting new studio workshops and one-to-one design and knit classes.

We are starting with a craft your own chick class on the 18th of March, giving you the chance to create a one-off lavender filled chick at Catherine's studio.  With an amazing selection of soft lambswool fabrics and haberdashery to choose from it should be great fun.

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catherine tough knit workshops

craft your own chick workshop


If you have a more challenging project in mind we are now offering one-to-one classes, where you can design and make your own products.  The lovely Ragnhild spent a couple of half days with us recently and made a bespoke dragonfly cushion and a scarf for her husband.

Here's what she had to say about her time with us!

"I took a one to one design and knit class with Catherine and Chloe. I designed my own dragonfly pattern and made two cushions and a scarf.  They showed me the whole process from designing, knitting, felting and sewing.  It was an intensive course with help at hand at all times and a friendly atmosphere.  If you want to learn from professionals I really want to recommend a course by them.  Thank you so much for a lovely time at your studio! The cushions has found their place in our sofa…and the scarf was so soft."
Ragnhild E. Vaaland




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