Made by Women

Celebrate International Women's Day At Catherine Tough


Catherine Tough is a UK business
…started by a woman.

The business is mostly staffed
…by women.

We supply small businesses and
larger brands and stores
…mostly run by women.

Most of the design & making
at Catherine Tough is done women.

Our East London studio is
a stone's throw away from Bow.

Where on March 8, 1914, the march
in support of women's suffrage
started its procession.

On March 8, 1917, in Petrograd, 
the capital of the Russian Empire,
women textile workers
began a demonstration.

A demonstration some believe
acted as a catalyst for
the Russian Revolution.

As women textile workers
ourselves, we set up, nearly
20 years ago, to offer an alternative.

An alternative to all-consuming
mass-production, uncaring
service, exploitation and
negative discrimination.

A Revolution Of Sorts

We continue, to this
day, making products
based on those same values.

Made from natural,
earth-given materials.

Made without cruelty.

Made without exploitation.

Made without discrimination.

Made by people.

Made for people.

Made in a spirit of mutual co-operation
and fair compensation.

We continue to 'do our bit'.

Whatever the challenges.

Including manufacturing
within the UK wherever

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