Flamingo fact of the day

Did you know there are only 6 species of flamingo in the world? Or 7 if you include our pink flamingo egg cosies.

This particular flamingo is a fun egg cosy that features a felt beak and hand-sewn eyes. It's lovingly made from soft, felted, 100% lambswool that will keep your eggs warm and delicious until it's time to eat.

You can really bring the wild to the table & brighten up breakfast time with this characterful knitted egg cosy.

But if the idea of a bright pink flamingo is a bit too exotic for you in the morning, then our egg cosys are also available as a cute chick, 'egg-cellent' elephant or our cheeky grey knitted rabbit.

And for the perfect soft-boiled egg to start your day, just watch the video below. Don't forget to reheat your eggs just before serving, using your knitted egg cosy to keep them warm.

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