Treat your feet with Bamboo socks

Following on from the success of our popular Italian spun lambswool socks, we are very pleased to announce a brand new line of bamboo socks.

Bamboo is a great material to make socks from. Not only is environmentally friendly, our bamboo socks are super comfy and ideal for everyday use.

Catherine Tough says, “It’s been really exciting working on the designs for the new Bamboo socks. We had all the yarn dyed to our specifications working round the theme of a woodland picnic, bringing together muted neutrals and bright summer colours”

Due to naturally anti-bacterial properties, our bamboo socks will also keep you feet smelling nice and fresh. We’ve had certain members of the team wear them for several days on end to test them out and we’re pleased to report that they have passed our own smell tests with flying colours - Just as well due to the small size of our studio!

These bamboo socks make a great gift for family and friends (not to mention your own feet!)

So put a spring in your step with our new bamboo socks.

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